Dan Tinney City Council Philadelphia Fiscal Management Cut Spending Control Spending

When City government "lost" tens of millions of dollars, it showed the need for real change. Dan will insist on real-world best financial management practices to cut waste and improve efficiency - then use the savings to reduce the burden on taxpayers.

reduce taxes

Dan Tinney City Council Philadelphia Cut Taxes Reduce Taxes

City Council's first answer to any challenge is to raise taxes. Dan thinks higher taxes should be the last resort. He will work to find real budget savings and then use that money to provide real tax relief we need - especially property and wage taxes.

make our city safer


Dan will work with our police and residents to promote smart policies that target criminals - especially those who use guns and drug dealers.  

Dan will also speak out against the District Attorney when he pushes liberal policies over public safety.

end sanctuary city status


Philadelphia's Sanctuary City policy promotes illegal activities and, unfortunately, sometimes protects the very worst criminals. Dan believes we must reverse this policy while still supporting the legal immigration that has helped Philadelphia grow and become more diverse.

jumpstart job creation


Dan knows a strong economy means better jobs for Philadelphians AND helps protect taxpayers. That's why he'll push for smart fiscal and regulatory policies; push to turn Philadelphia into an energy and hi-tech hub; and, leverage our business and educational assets to attract and keep job creators. 

improve education


Dan supports comprehensive education reform to make our schools better so every child has the skills they need to succeed - whether they go to college or not. To do it, Dan will push for core curricula that focuses on reading, writing, math and science, and encouraging more trades education.

end the corruption


Everyone knows City Hall cuts too many backroom deals at the expense of taxpayers. Dan will push for strong reform, more transparency, and to limit Council members' ability to slow progress.

improve infrastructure


Crumbling roads, dangerous sidewalks, unkempt streets and parks. Dan knows we can do better by reprioritizing the budget to focus on core functions like infrastructure and road repairs.

revitalize neighborhoods


Dan supports the Property Tax Abatement system and will make sure its benefits are distributed equally across the city. Positive growth is good...it's better when it helps everyone.