Dan loves Philadelphia.  Born and raised in our city in a working class family, Dan lives today in the Northeast and is like a lot of us: bleeding Eagles green, loyal to his friends and neighbors, proud of all our city has to offer,  and committed to ensuring a bright future for everyone who calls Philly "home."

What makes Dan different is his unique mix of professional experience and personal understanding that he will bring to City Council and the challenges we face. 

Dan's education and professional background represent the diversity of our city. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Business Logistics, and has a background in financial planning and oversight.  Today, he makes his living as a working member of the Steamfitters with people of all backgrounds.   

Most important, Dan looks at things like the normal person he is...not a politician.  He knows City government doesn't work for taxpayers. He knows there's too much corruption and too many backroom deals. And he knows we can do better by making our streets safer, our schools better, and our economy stronger.